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Micaela Alleyne – Makeup Artist – Nail Artist

Who is Diva Classique?

A woman’s success should be defined and measured by her own standards. Her accomplishments are a reflection of her self-assurance, grace and inner beauty. Thus, the classic Diva!!

She can be glamorous, or subtle, but always radiant.


For weddings, graduations, bachelorette and holiday parties, or any other occasion that is special for the client, Diva Classique provides mobile makeup artist services and beauty supplies in the South Shore (Monteregie Sud) and the Greater Montreal areas.

Diva Classique offers personal/group makeup tutorials. Learning how to enhance the features you are born with, how to divert attention from what you love less or to draw attention to what you love more, allows the client to embrace her overall beauty. This service shows tips & tricks for the client to feel comfortable whether she uses a little or a little more makeup.

Customer service is a priority. Diva Classique encourages comments, questions & concerns from clients in order to cater with the best service & adequately tailor to client needs.